A Message from Hyotei

Throughout its 400-year history, Hyotei has proudly preserved its tradition of culinary excellence. Nevertheless, Hyotei has always continued to adapt to change with a forward-looking spirit.
Our signature egg dishes, as well as our kaiseki cuisine, asagayu rice porridge and box lunches address contemporary needs but preserve Hyotei’s legacy and never compromise on our culinary traditions.
We will continue doing what we do best in our own modest way, offering the finest of Kyoto cuisine while remaining true to our traditions and preserving the philosophy of the tea ceremony.

Main Building


The Kuzuya teahouse is so named because of the structure’s grass-thatched roof.
This tea house, consisting of a four-and-a-half tatami room and a two-tatami area for the host, dates back 400 years to Hyotei’s founding.


Shinsentei is a four-and-a-half tatami mat tea house constructed in the latter years of the 19th century.
Inside, the triangular fukuro-dana shelf is an eye-catching design element.
The temple bell-shaped alcove, with a lattice woven from thin bamboo stalks, holds an exquisite incense container.

Main Building Cuisine


Asagayu rice porridge / Box lunches

*Ingredients may differ, depending on the season.

Gift items

A Short History of Hyotei



Asagayu rice porridge (March 16 through November 30)
Hours: 8 to 11 AM 4,500 yen (tax and service included)
Torigayu chicken rice porridge (December 1 through March 15)
Hours: 8 to 11 AM 4,500 yen (tax and service included)
Shokado box lunch
Noon to 4 PM 5,400 yen (tax and service included)

■Gift items (tax included)

  • Uzura senbei quail-shaped rice crackers Large tin 3,300 yen  Small tin 1,900 yen
  • Sushi wrapped in sasa bamboo leaf Market price
  • His-and-her tea cups with dragonfly motif 6,000 yen
  • Green and red pickled apricots 1,700 yen
  • Anago conger eel flavored with sansho Japanese pepper 3,200 yen
  • Budo mame sweet beans 2,300 yen
  • Candied ginger 1,700 yen
  • Candied chestnuts Market price
  • Enoki mushrooms with jako small dried fish 900 yen
  • Shredded flavored sea bream 900 yen

■Main Building

Kaiseki cuisine
Hours: 11 AM to 7:30 PM
From 23,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
From 27,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
Asagayu rice porridge (July 1 through August 31)
8 to 10 AM 6,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
Uzuragayu quail rice porridge (December 1 through March 15)
11 AM to 2 PM 12,100 yen (tax and service charge included)
Hyotei delivers various box lunches, starting at 5,400 yen (tax and service charge included).
Please inquire regarding light meals or other refreshments for tea ceremony gatherings.

■Catered cha kaiseki tea ceremony meals

  1. Minimum order, 3 persons
  2. Prices start at 25,000 yen (not including consumption tax) per person
  3. We will meet with you prior to your gathering to discuss your requirements in detail.
  4. We can provide suitable tableware if necessary. Please consult us.
  5. A separate charge is required if we provide serving staff.
  6. Please consult us for special events like the first tea ceremony of the year or tea ceremony light meals.
  7. We request your kind understanding in the event that we are unable to provide service due to prior reservations.


Please make your reservation as a member of Pocket Concierge *external Link.



Hyotei 35, nanzenji kusagawa, sakyo, kyoto TEL : 075-771-4116