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Hyotei serves as the entrance to Nanzen-ji Temple and has a rich history of more than 400 years. It was the private retreat Shobayashi Tea House (Koshikake Chaya). With harmony, respect, and serenity as our core values, we have continued to merge tradition and innovation and the space has developed into restaurants in recent times. Our tea kaiseki cuisine is based on the traditional tea ceremony. In a tea room that changes with the seasons, you can enjoy the ever-changing Kyoto cuisine such as the famous “Hyotei egg,” “morning porridge” in the summer, and “quail porridge” in the winter.


Main Store

In the main area, each building has its own independent tea room. You will feel welcomed by the unique atmosphere, such as the thatched roof that has remained unchanged since our inception, the four-and-a-half-tatami-mat (Tansen-tei), the new seating in rooms with impressive round windows, and the unique sunken area.


The annex is a spacious space with chairs and tables.
Built around a garden, you can enjoy breakfast and Shokado bento all year round.

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Shop Information

Kyoto Main Store and Annex

35, Nanzenji Kusagawacho, Kyoto Shi Sakyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 606-8437, Japan

Business Hours
【Main Store】12:00-21:30 (Closed on Wednesdays)
【Annex】8:00-11:00 (Closed on Thursdays)
Traffic Access
A 6-minute walk from Keage Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line.
Parking available

Hibiya Store

Toukyoumiddotaunhibiya, 1-1-2, Yurakucho,
Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 100-0006, Japan